Sensational bakery LLC


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Senzational Bakery Journey

Senzational Bakery LLC has a been hidden gem for many many years and only known to family and friends. They frequently asked, “Senzational, when will you make your phenomenal talent and gift an actual business so the world can see who you are?”

I thought long and hard because many times we’re our own BIGGEST critic. I’m also a perfectionist, so “ok” is never good enough for “me” in anything I’m creating.

So one day, it finally dawned on me, when I received so many compliments on my daughter’s 1st birthday party’s dessert table. Literally, a few months later, I made the step into the entrepreneurialship (I made that up lol) world of bakers. I applied and received my cottage food operations permit and all of the other necessary permits and licenses to bake and sell my SENZATIONAL treats.

If you would like to support my business, a small gift can help this family owned, home-based bakery bring a storefront location near you. Thank you for considering joining me in our journey to success.