Bethel Baptist Church


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What We Believe

  1. The Bible is our sole rule for Faith and Practice
  2. The Bible is our only source of Truth – II Timothy 3:16
  • Only the Bible is to be used to determine matters of faith and practice
  • The Canon (or official inclusive list) of scripture is closed.
  • There is no external progressive revelation

III. Baptism

  • We believe the proper form is immersion – Acts 8:35-39
  • It is a symbol of belief and confession
  • It is not essential to Salvation
  • It is by Faith alone (Galatians 2:8-9)
  • Through the Grace of God and by Faith is a person saved
  • Works of any kind have no place in the grace of Salvation
  1. Autonomy of the Local Church (Matthew 18:15-18)
  • The local church is its own authority 
  • The Congregation is its own governing body
  • Offices of the Church



  • Ordinances of the Church


          b.The Lord’s Supper or Communion

  1. Eternal Security of the Believer (John 17:12)
  • Once the believer is truly saved, salvation cannot be lost
  • True Salvation will have the “Born Again” experience

VII. Religious Freedom & Freedom of the Conscience (Romans 14:5 & 12)

  • All believers must answer to God for themselves
  • Christians are free to worship according to conscience and beliefs

VIII. Priesthood of the Believer (I Peter 2:5-9)

  • Every believer is a priest unto God
  • Every believer is under the Lordship of Jesus Christ
  1. Separation of Church & State (Matthew 25:15-22)
  • The Church should not interfere with the State
  • The State should not interfere with the Church

Additional Details

  • Pastor Dr. John Ringgold