About us

THE TOTAL VIBE is a Black woman owned premier Event Planning hub that hosts a comprehensive directory of professional vendors who understand your cultural needs. 35 years of experience evolving in the industry offers a unique advantage to provide the experience you’ve envisioned for your event with the agility to transform any venue giving special attention to your decor, design, food, etc. We provide vendors who specialize in every type of event and every step of the planning process.
“Decorating and designing has always been a passion. Creating is therapeutic from wedding planning and event planning, baking and decorating cakes, designing floral arrangements, draping various venues, creating balloon arches, and catering. The creation of a platform that would allow Black vendors to showcase their creativity and talents is why THE TOTAL VIBE was born!” – Pamela Stewart, Owner and Founder

Meet the Team

As a creative curator, my passion has always been creating and coordinating. From designing bouquets and floral arrangements, decorating wedding and birthday cakes, embellishing centerpieces, beautifying reception hall floor plans, adorning arches; every aspect is so fulfilling. I love to behold the event I’ve planned come to fruition from start to finish and the honored appreciation from the guests who have the pleasure of enjoying my masterpiece.

Over the years I have perfected my craft in every area of this industry. The business of event planning is now second nature and something I could do day in and day out. This is why I am passionate about creating space and opportunity for others to pass the torch to. Poised with the opportunity to evolve and remain relevant, it is now time for the next generation of visual artists to take their rightful place in this space.

I’m the proud mother of three adult children who are also creative artists in their own right. Now is the time to move forward with my vision. Join us if you are ready to expand and journey toward your chosen destiny to innovate and disrupt the industry with your unique ideas.

Welcome home to a platform of support and empowerment, I’m sure we will achieve great things together!

Pamela Stewart Event Experience Extraordinaire

Serving those in need has always been one of my passions. In my experience of event planning transactions, providing customer care is paramount to the customer experience. Guiding customers is of great importance and I have a track record of demonstrated experience and knowledge in the event planning, jewelry, insurance and other industries. I’m ready to partner with those who choose The Total Vibe as their preferred platform to expand their marketability.

In my spare time, I love sewing and creating wardrobe pieces, dancing and listening to music for the soul, exercising, drawing, and reading. I am the proud mother of one adult son who serves in the United States Air Force. Transparency and honesty are key as well as a strong faith in God and family. Good company and good conversation is one of the greatest gifts of life.

If you are ready to take this venture, I’m ready to do it with you!

Cynthia Morgan Sales Director

Dr. Keisha Clark is a native of New Orleans, La. and her educational background includes an undergraduate degree earned at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in Psychology and a doctorate degree in Management with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. She leads an Office of Equity in San Diego County which fuels her passion for tackling racial bias, disproportionality, disparities, inequities, and diversity and inclusion issues involving people of the African Diaspora. She is excited to apply this passion to the spaces of wedding and event planning with The Total Vibe! Dr. Clark also runs her own business; BlackinBaja.

Black in Baja creates a Trauma-Informed experience that fosters resiliency in Black people that have been affected by Historical cultural trauma by providing a safe and brave space through immersion of vacation, relocation, life coaching, generational wealth and legacy building in Baja California, Mexico including but not limited to experiences in culinary arts, adventurous excursions, mindfulness practices, romantic explorations, and wellness activities. The focus is Luxury, Wellness, and Resiliency liberating the Black Diaspora through self-healing by removing harmful colonial mental models.

Dr. Keisha Clark Operations & Engagement Experience Consultant

Byron Flowers comes to you with over 20 years of Creative Writing, Directing, and Visual experience in the Fashion & Entertainment sector. He also possesses 17 years of experience in customer service and 10 years of experience in the Information Systems Technical realm. Byron is the owner and founder of Dezigne Theory, an accomplished Actor, Writer, Cinematographer, Producer and Director who has created 2 short films, 2 movie trailers, and 5 commercials.

My specialties are exhibited as an Unorthodox Dezigner, Award-Winning Actor, Esoteric Literary Artist, Thought-Provoking Filmmaker and a Divine Masculine Mind Coach. I currently operate all of these functions under my powerhouse umbrella, Dezigne Theory. The professional approach I take with all of my branches of business embodies the overall philosophy of my brand, which “represents the activation energy that triggers the God frequency in each individual to have the boldness to be the BOSS of their divine selves and access their unlimited power within” (copyright 2020).
My signature line, Byron Lorenz, is the vehicle that I use to create my custom dezignes.

My love for filmmaking is executed through the main function of Dezigne Theory, which allows me to exhibit my creative writing, directing, producing, video editing, and artistic skills in the form of feature-length films and scripted television shows. My leading film project, Reality Dezigne, is currently in production. It is a limited-documentary television series that is dezigned to serve as a blueprint for well-being, geared mainly towards Black mens health and wellness.

My current logo-art dezigne project, Southeast, is influenced by my childhood community here in San Diego. The clothing attire not only serves as a vessel for community pride and appreciation but it also serves to combat the negative stigma that has been placed upon the Southeast community for years by the media and outside instigators who continue to demean our neighborhoods with the most negative labels. As a result, I accompanied the Southeast artwork logo with a new identifying persona for all of the individuals who represent the Southeast community, which reads: S.O.U.T.H.E.A.S.T. = S.killfully O.vert. U.nderdogs T.hat H.ave E.xceeded (Astronomical) A.dversity (while) S.ustaining T.enacity.

In addition to my artistic identity, my work as a Divine Masculine Mind Coach is focused on helping men unlock their full potential by balancing their internal divine masculine and divine feminine energies.
With humbled greatness, I can confidently say that building Dezigne Theory is my greatest achievement to date.

Byron Flowers Creative Director

I am an authentic director who specializes in helping professionals evolve their online presence by helping them to transcribe who they really are. I live out loud and I encourage others to follow suit.

In my former career I was employed by the military sealift command. I enjoyed the time I traveled the world, it was an incredible experience. However my heart is at home with my children.

My passion is writing music and creating jingles. I have knowledge and skills with computers and digital media. The heart of my work is centered around impacting lives through music and developing a new generation of leaders with the desire to change the world.

My greatest achievements are my role as a devoted husband and father. When I’m not serving the world, I’m catering to my family.

Tyler Johnson Director of Operations

I am a passionate, creative, customer driven, mother and wife. I have many years experience in customer service ,computer application, social media, scheduling and posting. With my skills and knowledge I’m a great asset to the company.

I’m currently in school finishing my degree in Social Psychology. I’m looking forward to enhancing the company's presence and digital platforms by ensuring we stay aligned with the mission and culture of the company.

I have a customer service mindset, which ensures that our vendors and customers are happy and their needs are met. We here at The Total Vibe are all on one page and we strive for perfection.

I’m the mother of two brilliant, fun, loving children and I’m happily married to my creative inspiring soulmate. I'm looking forward to making sure that everything runs smoothly, as we help you create incredible memories!

Brittany Johnson Administrative Director

I am a positive, innovative, customer-driven, educator. I have many years of experience in education and managing people. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies and a Master of Education. I currently hold two teaching credentials, multiple subjects for grades K-8th, and an educational specialist for grades K- 12. I also hold an Administrative Credential. I’m looking forward to enhancing the company's presence by adding my expertise to the business. My goal is to make sure we stay focused on the task of providing a positive, productive platform that will be a blessing to so many. I know how a business is run to maximize productivity. I’m looking forward to being an intricate part of the team. I’m the proud mother of four children and I’m married to my amazing husband. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and creating so many different things, desserts, and vegan dishes. I'm looking forward to making sure that the company runs as it should. I’m excited to see where this platform is headed! My favorite saying is “ Don’t tell me that the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon”.

Monsanette Jackson Executive Director